The following organizations make use of the data-sets published by MetaBrainz and are supporting us financially or through some other reciprocal agreement. There are also organizations that make use of our data that have explicitly declined to support us. There may also be other organizations making use of our data that we don't know about yet. If you know of a company using our data, please contact us.

Unicorn tier

For larger companies and mythical situations that require special agreements.

Gold tier

For established companies with more than 20 people and a public product.

Silver tier

For mid-size start-ups and established companies with a public product.

Bronze tier

For popular mobile apps and for small to mid-size start-ups with public products.

Mobile Apps tier

For mobile app developers with paid apps or premium features.

Non-profit Organizations tier

For universities and non-profits conducting research, or authors of open-source software using our data.