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Do you rely on data from MetaBrainz? We rely on contributions to keep providing it. To access our datasets or the MusicBrainz Live Data Feed, please choose between non-commercial and commercial use below. You will need a MusicBrainz account with a verified email address to sign-up.

Non-commercial / Personal

Non-commercial includes personal use and university course assignment use of our data. If you are an open source developer, a small non-profit, or are using our data as part of an official university or research project, please sign up as a commercial user using the non-profit tier below. If you are a non-profit with more than 10 employees/contractors, or a pre-revenue start-up and expect to have revenue in the future, please sign up with a commercial account - see below for more details. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts!



If you are a company with a current revenue stream or an expected revenue stream, please select a support tier below that fits your current situation. We welcome working with companies that are just getting started and we're happy for your MetaBrainz support to grow as you grow. If you would like to use our data, but are not ready to state this publicly yet, sign up for the stealth start-up tier; we will keep your data-usage confidential and contact you to discuss your plans. If you are an established company, choose the tier that appropriately fits the size and revenue of your company.

Non-profit Organizations

$0.00/month and up
For universities and non-profits conducting research, or authors of open-source software using our data.

Stealth Start-Up

$0.00/month and up
For start-ups that are in early stealth mode, and are not publicly offering their services.


$100.00/month and up
For popular mobile apps and for small to mid-size start-ups with public products.


$600.00/month and up
For mid-size start-ups and established companies with a public product.


$1250.00/month and up
For established companies with more than 20 people and a public product.


$2000.00/month and up
For larger companies and mythical situations that require special agreements.

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If you are not sure which tier to pick, please contact us.